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Why Men Won't Commit

Why won’t men commit?  Why do they cheat?  Why do men lie?  How do men really think?  All women have asked or have answered these questions at some point in their life.  Whether it’s you, a friend, love one, or person going through it in a relationship; we all need advice or solutions to our problems.     In this self help novel Why Men Won’t Commit,Deaubrey Devine creates a masterpiece that's very relatable and tells readers why many guys won’t honor the face value of commitment.  As you journey inside of a man’s mind through twelve characters, you’ll find out how guys interact, feel, and make decisions when their involved with a female.  Between these pages will reveal a real mass survey and truthful answers from men of all nationalities on why they are deceitful, lie to their mate, lack fidelity and loyalty, commit adultery, and can’t resolve issues to build, repair, and grow in relationships.  Are the misunderstandings that occur in relationships with your mate, or is it You?

Make Book Out To Whom
Make Book Out To Whom

My Purpose

Everyone has a purpose for being here on earth. Like most boys his age, Lamar is troubled and lost, struggling to find himself. Ignoring the advice from parents and family, Lamar allows his unexpressed inner feelings and built up anger to get the best of him. Easily influenced by his peers, he wonders why he keeps ending up in all the wrong places! A life shattering experience quickly forces Lamar to grow up and eventually take a turn in the right direction. Refusing to give up on his purpose for life, Lamar grows from a boy to a young man and parent, student to a teacher, and player to a coach. Through the humor of Lamar's perspective on life, as only he sees it, readers alike will enjoy this story. Adults will relate thinking, "been there, done that!"  Deaubrey Devine has created a great inspirational and motivational tool for all youth to learn from and adults to teach from. For kids, never stop believing and pursuing your dreams. For adults, never throw in the towel or give up on the child you're either mentoring or raising, that others refer to as "hopeless".   

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OOSA BookClub

Divine is a player. He is caught up in a complex relationship with three women: Destiny, Hope and Faith. If juggling more than one woman is not enough, try juggling three women with issues.   "Destiny Hope Faith Divine" does a good job in the beginning showing how Divine and his fast and loose lifestyle leads to some serious life altering consequences. However, the book falls short midway through when the author tries too hard to turn the main character into a church going, God fearing Christian. There is also a sex scene in the book that is too unrealistic for anyone to believe.   I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars because the character and his circle of friends are relatable. Also, just about every man who reads this book will be able to identify with this guy on some level, whether it's his relationship with women, his financial difficulties or his struggle to do the right thing. Overall, "Destiny Hope Faith Divine" was an enjoyable read.                                                                                                               Reviewed by: Jermaine

About deaubrey devine

Photography is not something I produce, it's something that produces a change in me and my clients. The camera lens captures what the human eye leaves behind. I consider myself nothing less than a chronicler of the human condition, for better or worse. When you see my photos, I think you'll agree.

Joey Pickney
Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write Destiny Hope Faith Divine?
Deaubrey Devine: I’ve always desired to have a little girl named Destiny Hope Faith with my last name Devine. I have always had a special affection for those words because they all are very powerful. Alone, they are powerful. Combined, they are life-giving. As an author, the intrigue of the names sparked me to create a novel using characters with the names I adore.
JP: What sets Destiny Hope Faith Divine apart from other novels in its genre?
DD: Destiny Hope Faith Divine is set apart from other novels in its genre because it has it all. It is a smooth read that allows readers to become one with the characters and scenes in the book. Everyone can relate to the relationships plus the religious and sexual plots that entertains on this emotional roller coaster.
JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that lead to Destiny Hope Faith Divine getting out to the public?
DD: As an author, the real work begins when the promoting of the book starts. The keys to getting Destiny Hope Faith Divine onto the shelves and into hands of my readers is sheer drive and determination. I have been out and about in the public attending conferences and networking events and interviews. I have also visited book festivals and book club meetings. Some of my ventures also include hiring promotional marketing professionals along with text messaging alerts and blogs.
JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish Destiny Hope Faith Divine?
DD: As a new author, my writing process is still being defined. I do have the attitude of staying focused until completion. My daily motto is “Faith without works is dead”. I push myself and avoid procrastination at all cost.  Completing this novel was like completing a life long dream. From start to finish, I am going to say roughly around 7months.
JP: What’s next for Deaubrey Devine?
DD: My journey continues with my next novel My Purpose. Allow me to give you a little insight into my next book: It is the story of a young kid growing up through the mist of trials and tribulations. This book is a good read for parents, students, coaches, athletes, and young adults. All will be touched and inspired by this novel that’s due to be released in March.

Make Book Out To Whom
Make Book Out To Whom

Saint Paul

​Coming November 2017.......

Saint Paul...........A Christian Fiction Novel

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Book – Destiny Hope Faith Divine     Author – Deaubrey Devine     Reviewer – Sidne, the book clubs reviewer

This is Mr. Devine debut novel and it’s a good one.   The character Divine is a playa. But even a playa can’t dis the cliché ‘you weep what you sow.’ He changes his life around and meets the wonderful Destiny.  Before meeting Destiny; the woman he destined to make his wife, he met Faith; and don’t confuse her name with her characteristics, the girl got some wicked faith about her and Divine.  In the midst of Divine’s life is his high school friend, Hope.  Yep, she’s doing just that, hoping to re-spark what she and Divine once shared.  This story isn’t about three men and a baby but three women and a man.  The novel setting takes us on a cruise. Divine is there with a cousin. While playing the slot machines he notices a light skinned woman taking a seat next to him. She introduces herself as Faith.  He and Faith have a wild sex escapade and that is that according to Divine.  However, Faith got other PLANS!!!  Destiny enjoys church life and raising her daughter.  She’s not looking for a man that is still playing the playa’s game. 

Blessing In DisGuise

If you thought Divine was in a love triangle in “Destiny Hope Faith Divine,” wait until you read about his love rectangle in the sequel, “Blessing in Disguise.”    Divine’s newfound religion makes him zealously cling to his marriage with Hope, but he quickly finds out that "for better or worse" is very serious business, and easier said than done.   Naïve and still hesitant to burn any bridges, he finds himself playing with fire as the drama heats up between him and an old flame. And with his ex-wife Destiny believing in “divine intervention” and the trifling Faith willing to go to any and all extremes to capture her man, Divine is forced to deal with some deep, real-life issues so that he can be the Godly man he wants to be.    In this fast-paced novel, the game is love… and the players will do anything  – secret rendezvous, guilty pleasures, explicit sex, deliberate lies, deceptions and even eliminations – to make sure they come out on top and win.

Destiny Hope Faith Divine

Grown Man Love

Welcome to the world of a man who has arrived at his full maturity to give "Grown Man Love."  Sonny is a Southern pimp and club owner who has seen it all and done it all, until he meets Rose, a go-getter seeking brighter days. As love blossoms between the two, Joyce - the top money maker of Sonny’s escort service - becomes jealous and ditches her boss to get money on her own, and learns there's more than one price to pay for sex.   After years of life-changing experiences, Sonny finds himself speaking wisdom to Joyce’s daughter, Lashay, a beautiful young woman living in the shadow of her mother's dark world. As the "ole head" who's all about business becomes instrumental in directing Lashay down the right path, she learns things that she never knew about herself, life, and men. With a little guidance from the unlikely father figure, Lashay discovers how to love herself as a woman, and how to receive love from a good man.  From live juke joints, soul food restaurants, escorting services, and exciting getaways to passionate sex, emotional confusion, betrayal, and true love... Follow Sonny's journey to Grown Man Love.