I write novels that sow seeds in people’s lives and bring to them stories that are real, up front, and provide drama.  I want to bring out embedded thoughts that readers can readily relate to.  I try to allow my characters to speak on the behalf of everyone and provide wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in different situations that life sends our way.  Some messages are meant strictly to provide hope in the midst of the storm and put a little smile on someone’s face. Most times it is important to be able to laugh through those times and know that things will work out in your favor if you keep pressing through it.  I’m a strong believer in the power of wordswhich allow my writing to be taken seriously because it’s real and uncensored, which will serve to make your reading of my books much more enjoyable.       


As a youth, I loved to write long love letters to that special someone or drop a few lines of hope and cheer in a Get Well Soon or Birthday card. My talent for writing was exposed and connected when I decided to pick up a pen to pursue a career as a novelist after my professional football career ended in 2007.  I’ve always been a down to earth person that listens well and encourages often.   I asked God to show me the way to reach others and he did so through my writing. He uses me as an open vessel and allows my passion for writing to encourage and inspire others. 


 I enjoy spending quality time with my family when I’m not writing, reading, plotting, or planning.  I also enjoy exploring new adventures, a nice cookout, times of fellowship, meeting other writers and readers in the publishing and book industry. Other things I like to do in my spare time include:  playing Chess, Poker, traveling, basketball, a good ole Spades game, movies, bowling, skating, Scrabble, attending conferences, and learning new things.  I just enjoy living life abundantly while looking for peace, joy, and happiness. That’s me, all me, all the time, I am………..

Deaubrey Devine


About deaubrey devine

Hello! My name is Deaubrey Devine (pronounced Dee-au-bray…De-vine).  I am the author of Destiny Hope Faith Divine, My Purpose, Blessing In Disguise, Why Men Won’t Commit, Grown man Love, and Saint Paul.  I appreciate you taking the time out to read about me.  I graduated from the University of Central Florida in Orlando where I received my bachelor’s degree, majoring in Health with two minors in Criminal Justice and Education.  My multiple areas of study have allowed me to have different careers in various arenas, such as: health care, coaching, teaching, being a probation officer, as well as other jobs that have allowed me to teach and reach others’ lives in different ways. 

Author-Song Writer-Motivational speaker-Coach-Artist 

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